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Aptera ffwdr Action Plan Contest #1

Compete to win an Aptera Launch Edition Delivery Slot in our Aptera Launch Edition ffwdr Action Plan Contests

In no less than 24 words and no more than 101 words, tell the world how, other than just driving it, you would use an Aptera Launch Edition as a ffwdr to achieve SustainabilitySooner. All entries will be posted on both your SustainabilitySooner User Profile as well as your inscription on the Aptera ffwdr wall. If you have more than one Action Plan, please enter them separately. 

Entries will be judged on grammar, clarity, originality, feasibility, allure, environmental impact, scalability, potential virality and how well it puts an Aptera Launch Edition to its best and highest use, in equal measure.  Winning entries will also be posted below on this page to inspire your creative spirit and kickstart your competitive drive. 

These separate Contests will vary in length from a few hours to several days.  Your User Profile will link you to the current Contest.  Visit Official Rules for status + complete duration, eligibility, prize description and other Contest details.

Thank you for your interest, entries are now closed.

Come back soon for winner announcements. Thank you!