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About Us

We Are… SustainabilitySooner

Creating Sustainable Workforce Synergies

We’re proud to partner with AYA Instruments, a stalwart in the energy sector. Together, we’re committed to shaping the future of sustainable technology education and workforce advancement. Our collaboration powers the growth of AYA Instruments’ acclaimed Sustainability Outreach Program, the Energy Discovery Zone (EDZ).

Sparking Curiosity and Expanding Reach

We’re not just about education. With our fleet of Aptera Solar Electric vehicles, we amplify the message of the Energy Discovery Zone. We ignite interest, inform the curious, and influence sustainable change, starting in North Carolina USA and focusing global impact.

Empowering Your Evergreen Prosperity

As responsible stewards of our planet, we must strive to get the most out of limited resources. To get the most for the least, we put them to their best and highest use. Our mission is to enlarge your life by shrinking you energy, living, and mobility costs.  All the while expanding your earning opportunities and capacity.

How We Do It.

Sustainability3rd℠: Where Practicality Meets Purpose

The Fast Track to a Sustainable Tomorrow

Our strategy is simple yet transformative: unite environmental, economic, cultural and societal sustainability in a virtuous cycle of continual innovations and technical evolution. We prioritize Reliability, uphold Affordability, and champion Sustainability.

Why Put Sustainability 3rd?

Clean air, water, and energy that aren’t reliable can be dangerous. If they’re not affordable, they’re out of reach. The true essence of sustainability and the shortest path to to it requires us to ensure that vital resources are first reliable, then affordable.

Why it matters

Righteous ends which justify radical means, also demand optimal priority.  Yet, as our Sustainability 3rd Paradox proves, highest priority isn’t always optimal.

Tangible Results

Imagine structures built in days, not months, backed by a 200-year warranty, slashing construction expenses by up to 75%, and crafted from sustainable materials using innovative energy-efficient processes. That’s what our latest partnership with cutting-edge stealth-mode companies will deliver. SustainabilitySooner, alongside our non-profit ffwdr Institute, is at the forefront of providing Sustainable Workforce Development for these transformative ventures.  Big reveal coming on November 10th!

Our Initiatives.

Poneering Green Pathways: Crafting Tomorrow’s Sustainable Blueprint

Helping Nature Heal Our Climate

Here’s what SustainabilitySooner is doing on properties we manage: Harnessing nature to propagate high net rate photosynthesis plants to cleanse the air we breathe.  Pioneering ways to harvest sustainable clean energy while enhancing rather than disrupting the ecology. In partnership with CyberLandr and Water The World Foundation, we’re exploring ways to affordably, efficiently and compactly recycle greywater organically. Our goal is to dramatically reduce water consumption both on and off-grid. We partnered with Incredible Tiny Homes to build Tiny Home Alpha: our mobile, solar, off-grid laboratory for innovative clean water and energy R&D.

Growing GreenTech

To revolutionize fleet conversions, energy production and mobility, to conquer our housing crisis and end homeless, our future must be as agile and innovative as it is green. To ensure it is, we’re forming fast forwarder collaborations with companies like Maxwell Vehicles and Electric Built to cut distribution costs. We’re investing heavily in our fast forwarder colab with Aptera to bring their solar EVs to market. Our latest fast forwarder colab with high tech green builders and developers will slash the cost of building both residential and commercial structures in all shapes and sizes; plus, get them built at warp speed.

Equipping Our High Growth Green Workforce

A sustainable future requires a skilled green workforce. By coupling Energy Discovery Zone (see News) with our ffwdr Institute, we’re introducing and scaling workforce development programs that encompass the solar industry, electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, robotics, mechatronics, 3D printing, and more. Our hands-on experiential learning using professional-grade equipment ensures participants are well-prepared for flourishing careers in sustainable tech sectors.

Investing in the Future

Our partnership signifies more than a mere collaboration—it’s a vision of the future where sustainability and workforce development converge. As we embark on this journey, we invite schools, colleges, institutes, and workforce initiatives to join us in sculpting a greener future for generations to come.